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Pen Pals Over 18

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jadedstar86 @ 11:38 pm: Lookong For PenPals! :)
Name: Guadalupe Martinez
Age: 30
Birthday: August 10th
Gender: Female
Location: Arizona , United States
Occupation: Commercial Driver
Language: English, Spanish
Religious Views: I”m Catholic and I’m open minded to other Religions

Music: Rock, Pop , Punk rock, Country (Pretty much anything )

Films: Interview With A Vampire, The Hunger games, The Illusionist,The time traveler’s wife, letters to Juliet , Easy A, Scott Pilgrim vs the World, Kick-ass

TV Shows: Grey’s Anatomy, Weeds, Glee, One Tree Hill, True blood, Bones

Books: The Hunger Games, The Lying game, All Harry Potter Books, House Of Night, Twilight Series and Any Books By Christopher Golden, Christopher Pike and most of Rl stine books are good but not he goose bumps books , Everworld series, Gone series, sometimes i just read fanfiction

Interesting Facts:

I have 4 sisters and 2 brothers and 12 nieces
I play The Sims 3.
I love Anime.
I love-love-love to read.
Ive been with my boyfriend for 14 yrs now.

PenPal Information:
How many do you have? 1
How many do you want? As many as I can get
E-mail or snail mail? Snail Mail please
How long are your letters? As long as they need to be to reply
How long does it take you to reply to a letter? No more than two or three days, I’m online daily.
Handwritten or typed? Hand written so please excuse my poor grammar
Gender preference: Female please
Age preference: 18+
Where? Anywhere
What are you looking for in a penpal? To meet new people and to share information about ourselves to each other.

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