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Pen Pals Over 18

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elysianstarseed @ 11:22 pm: Searching For New Friends
30 years old.

I had some personal issues a little while ago and looking for new friends. I want journals that I can acutely read and respond to. You don't have to post every day but I'm looking for active friends/members and people who acutely want friends. I have problems with depression, and I can get angry at things that might not make since to most people. It's easier for me to be friends with people who understand mental and medical issues too. I am however, looking for any types of friends really. Not picky just being honest. I am just now starting to write more about myself and who I am. It can take me a while to warm up to people. Aside from that. I am very friendly and loving most of the time. I tend to want to help people too much as well . I'm very artsy and musical. I love books, drawing and watching films. I love animals a lot too. I have a new love for aquatics as well. Please make sure to read my profile before adding. It's a very personal journal . Most entries are friends only or have filters.


Date:February 5th, 2015 03:02 am (UTC)

To be friend with

I am male
37 years old
My brother is suffering from depression like you.
So I I tried many solution and get good result
Any way let me be friend with you first
then after talk a lot.
I am from Ethiopia.
my email address is
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