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Pen Pals Over 18

Mailing and recieving mail

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Do you like mail? Like to send mail? Are you just mail crazy? Then this place is for you.

Just do the few things below and then away we go....

Fill this out and post it in the community: (Will help get a jump start on things and find you some pen pals)

[x] Name:
[x] Age:
[x] Birthday:
[x] Location:
[x] E-mail:
[x] Contact:

[x] Main Interests:
[x] (Self-)Described as:
[x] Work?:
[x] Who are your favorite bands?:
[x] Favorite movies:
[x] Favorite TV shows:
[x] Favorite authors:
[x] Current favorite book:
[x] Seeking:
[x] A list of things that you wouldn't mind getting/giving:
[x] How many pen pals do you want?:
[x] What sex do you want them to be?:
[x] What religion do you want them to be?:
[x] Where do you want them to be from?:


People will only get your mailing address if you post it or email it to someone. This is up to you and you alone.